Top 15 Finalist Adecco Taiwan CEO for One Month 2019 – A Reflection

Top 15 Finalist Adecco Taiwan CEO for One Month 2019 – A Reflection

The CEO for One Month is the Adecco Group’s program that gives young people a work-based learning and leadership experience. I was honored to be invited to Adecco Taiwan CEO for One Month boot camp as one of the 15 finalists.

How do I know about this program?

I knew about this program through Instagram Ad. I quickly looked up this program’s previous year and realized that this program is the one that I’ve been looking for. I’ve always wanted to join a program that allows me to learn directly from senior leaders. What also excites me is the challenges that incorporate not only business aptitude but also soft skills. I would love to challenge my ability, to learn new skills throughout this program, and to meet new friends with the same dream and ambition.

Why do I want to join?

I want to be part of this program because I believe in the messages that Adecco has been saying about lifelong learning and upskilling. As a student with technology background, I first-hand experience how there is a gap between the job requirements and the skills. There needs a proactive action to learn and to reflect on our own ability that needs to be improved. So, I choose this program to be my learning experience, to improve myself, and to share my ideas with others.

William Chandra, Kyle Liu, Jason Tseng, Philipp Dess

Boot-camp day: CEO of The Month

The Bootcamp was very exciting, challenging, intense, and fun. We got the privilege to have a great conversation with the judges who are managers and CEOs from top companies. Thank you, Cindy Chen (Regional Head of Adecco Taiwan and South Korea), for your time and your feedback at the end of the event. Thank you, Kyle Liu (Hybrid Account Executive LinkedIn North Asia), for the tips about clever ways to be seen and reach more people on LinkedIn. My heartfelt thank you to all the judges and Adecco Taiwan Marketing team who have worked hard for this program.

Adecco Taiwan CEO for One Month Boot Camp 2019

I also had the chance to meet 14 other incredibly talented candidates and their team who have a different style of leadership, background, and nationality.

Final takeaways: CEO of The Month

This program has taught me so many lessons from the challenges, self-reflection, and observation (and tips from Eulon Chou (CEO for One Month Taiwan 2018) that I don’t think I’ll get anywhere else). I’m going to implement all the lessons I’ve learned during the Bootcamp.

Whoever thought that a one-day Bootcamp can help me to know who I am and figure out what kind of leader I want to become in the future. I would encourage anyone to experience this program themselves.

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