Bullet Journal Indonesia January-March 2018 | Q1 Progress

Bullet Journal Indonesia January-March 2018 | Q1 Progress

Hey everyone!!!

In my last post, I wrote about my new bullet journal Indonesia layout for April 2018 and I talked about how I think my setup and layout have improved. Then I thought, “Why don’t I show you guys my bullet journal Indonesia journey from January to March?”.

So, here I am writing about my bullet journal journey from January – March 2018. Check it out!

My Bullet Journal Indonesia January – March 2018 (pictures)

Parts that I Love

On January setup

I love the habit tracker part because I was keeping up with the tracker and really do the thing (HAHA). That’s definitely a section that I want to use more often in my next setup.

January Bullet Journal Setup 2018

January 2018 Cover Page

January Bullet Journal Setup 2018

January 2018 Weekly Spread

On February setup


On March setup

I love the cover so MUCH! it looks so clean and it feels just right. I LIVE for the simple and minimal look. I also love the weekly spread. The layout is balance and the spacing for daily task has the right size. Love it!

Parts that I Don’t Like

On January setup

I didn’t use the space efficiently. I left so much space unused and there are parts that aren’t supposed to be there. For example, the reminder and habit tracker part is side by side, but the bottom part I have notes with so much space unused.

On February setup

The weekly spread looks so bad. Normally, I try to write down my main 3 daily task. However, because the boxes are big, I tried to fill so many tasks and sometimes it made me overwhelm. This issues affected me on March.

On March setup

Thing that I don’t like in my March bullet journal setup is my lack of consistency (HAHA). As you can see in the pictures below, I was very productive on week 10 then I wasn’t on week 11. In my defense, I had to perform on that weekend for Indonesian Culture Exhibition. So, you can see yourself that I didn’t do many things on the weekend. XD

For My Next Bullet Journal

Based on parts that I love and parts that I don’t like, I will:

  • More weekly habit tracker
  • Balanced layout
  • Clean and simple cover like March setup
  • No more unused spaces
  • Stick to 3 main daily tasks
  • Stay away from big boxes
  • Be consistent 🙂

There you go, my bullet journal journey for January – March 2018. I hope you enjoy reading this post and hopefully inspired 🙂 If you haven’t checked out my new bullet journal setup for April 2018, you definitely should. Read it here -> April 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

I’ll see you guys next time 🙂

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